If you are a local business, charity or industry expert, or use a fleet of drivers in one or more of the 31 local authority areas of London, there are several ways that you can get involved with this project:

Become a supporter:

Publicly support this important Mayor of London’s campaign, helping publicise the project and local action events in your area.  You can, if appropriate, display our posters and flyers promoting the project and the action day events. You can also promote our volunteering opportunities to your staff and customers, with staff volunteering in a personal capacity or as part of a corporate volunteering day. Find the leaflets and posters here.

Become a pledger:

You can sign our pledge and show your support for the project by committing to ensure that your business and vehicles do not idle, as well as displaying our ‘No idling’ window stickers in your fleet of vehicles.  To sign the pledge and receive your free Pledge Pack, which contains everything you need to get started including a Pledge poster, driver training presentation and an information leaflet, as well as No Idling vehicle stickers, please get in touch.

Sign up for fleet training:

We have created a FREE training workshop to arm your drivers with the information they need to ensure they do not contribute to unnecessary air pollution, as well as escape its effects on their own health.

Training workshops are delivered by our project officers to your fleet of drivers but we encourage involvement from the whole business.  After the free training, drivers will be asked to make the Driver’s Pledge.

Workshop objectives:

  • Introducing the importance of clean air
  • Explaining main pollutants and their sources in London
  • Connecting pollution exposure with health conditions
  • Explaining idling
  • Highlighting the legal basis of idling
  • Myth busting facts
  • Pledging to not idle

If your business has a fleet of drivers and vehicles, and you would like to host a FREE driver training workshop on air pollution and the impact of idling on health, please get in touch.

Host an event:

Ideal for companies with a volunteering policy and a staff allowance of days/hours that can be spent on good causes, this involves hosting your own Action Idling event and supplying volunteer staff members to help out and speak to idling drivers.  If you are concerned about idling vehicles and are interested in hosting an event at your business, please get in touch.


We are very grateful to the following businesses who have supported our campaign – from providing volunteers for our events, and hosting training and events, to spreading the word on social media: