#Engines Off Campaign

Idling exposes people to toxic engine emissions. These emissions are linked to chronic health conditions and 4,100 deaths in London each year1. Tackling idling is an easy and effective way to improve local air quality and reduce the exposure of fleet drivers and outdoor workers to health-damaging air pollution. 

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive at the British Safety Council, commented: “Air pollution is the UK’s largest environmental health risk, greater than smoking and obesity, causing 40,000 deaths a year and costing the UK economy a staggering £20bn annually. Indeed, the links between air pollution and illness are increasing. We need concrete action to reduce air pollution and tackling engine idling is a vital part of that.  We urge organisations whose operations involve fleets, professional drivers, or employees who travel by car to work in London, to educate and encourage their drivers to act on idling. This will help save lives and protect outdoor workers from toxic air.” 

Idling Action’s #EnginesOff campaign is specifically asking fleet operators and businesses to support our project and pledge to act on idling in order to cut dangerous vehicle emissions and help protect the respiratory health of Londoners.

Idling Action works with organisations through this campaign to pledge a meaningful commitment to reduce air pollution from engine idling, to use free educational resources to engage drivers/ employees, to publicise their commitment and to demonstrate best practice to others.   

As part of the #EnginesOff pledge, Idling Action provides free driver education sessions and a toolkit of resources to businesses


How to get involved

You can support our campaign by utilising our free resources in any or all of the following ways:

  1. Educate your drivers using our workshop
  2. Implement supporting policies by using our template engine idling and template green vehicle procurement and management policies
  3. Promote the campaign and share your support by using our comms resources
  4. Take part in an Idling Action event – we can help you arrange a day of direct action utilising volunteers to head out and speak directly to idling vehicles around your site*

*This activity is currently on hold due to COVID-19 and will recommence when it is safe to do so

Many thanks to the following who have pledged support to the #EnginesOff campaign

Many thanks also to our #EnginesOff media supporters