We know that pollution created by idling vehicles disproportionately affects children. Not only are many schools daily hot-spots for vehicle idling but young people have greater exposure to harmful pollutants as they take twice as many breaths per minute (compared to adults) and breathe closer to exhaust pipes.

Developing lungs need healthy air to grow. That is why we aim to run workshops in over 300 schools throughout participating boroughs. We have created workshops to arm students with the information they need to escape the effects of pollution.

Workshops build on existing eco and active travel initiatives and are delivered in schools by our project officers. We encourage involvement from the whole school and the local community to create sustained, positive changes to school journeys and healthier air for everyone.

Workshop objectives

  • Introducing the importance of clean air
  • Explaining main pollutants and their sources in London
  • Demonstrating the invisible threat of pollution in real-time using citizen science PM monitoring
  • Connecting pollution exposure with health conditions in young Londoners
  • Getting students to think about their own journeys and the pollution they might encounter
  • Centralizing idling action as the best way of empowering students to enact positive change and to address easily preventable pollution
  • Co-creating a banner to communicate idling action messages. The banner will be printed as part of the project and will be displayed outside the school. If a school already has banner or does not want a banner we have other activities prepared (e.g. quite route mapping)

If your school is a hot-spot for idling vehicles and you are interested in working with us to address the problem, please get in touch.

If you would like to read more about the impact of pollution on children’s health we recommend chapter 3 of Every Breath You Take, a report by the Royal College of Physicians.