We are very grateful to the following businesses who are supporting our campaign – from providing volunteers for our events, and hosting training and events, to spreading the word on social media:


If you’re a local business, there are three ways you can support this project:

Level One: Publicly support the Mayor of London’s campaign

Put your business’s name to publicly supporting VIA and help publicise both the project and the action day events in your area.

Level Two: Advertise the project in your stores, offices, or through your fleet

Display our posters and flyers promoting the project and the action day events and, if appropriate, display our window stickers in your fleet of vehicles. We’d also ask you to promote our volunteering opportunities to your staff and customers, with staff volunteering in a personal capacity.

Level Three: Supply volunteers to the project

Ideal for companies with a volunteering policy and a staff allowance of days/hours that can be spent on good causes, this level of support involves supplying volunteer staff members to help out at action day events on company time. Businesses that sign up to Level 3 support will be identified and publicised in project communications and press releases.