Engine Off Every Stop Supporter Pack

Download the Engine Off Every Stop Supporter Pack to support the campaign over the initial launch period (February 22nd to March 19th). As well as providing social media-optimised images for you to use, the pack gives guidance on creating your own posts, contacting organisations and taking your campaigning further.

2020 Idling Action Pack

New for Clean Air Day. Check out our brand new 2020 Idling Action Pack. We have create a step-by-step guide to becoming a local air quality hero.

The pack contains activities perfect for spreading the Engines Off message while staying safe and socially distanced. It also features a guide for our new video workshop so you can run your own virtual events.

Follow the link to download your pack and become an idling action hero.


We have created a number of toolkits for difference audiences to use in order to take action on idling.  These toolkits provide instructions to help you spread the Engines Off message, and run events, engaging local drivers.

If you would like to download a toolkit, please click on the appropriate link below, fill in your details on the form and click to accept the terms and conditions. You will then be taken to a page where you can download the toolkit. You will also be emailed a link to the download page.

Following government guidance around COVID-19 Idling Action are not currently running events. However we are continuing to campaign for clean air using alternative approaches. Though we do not encourage direct driver engagement at present the resources in these toolkits will help your campaign and any future events.

Vehicle Idling Action Events and Enforcement – Toolkits for Local Authorities

Engine Off Every Stop Pack, Idling Action Student Workshop Pack,  and Vehicle Idling Action Events Pack – Toolkits for Schools

Vehicle Idling Action Events – A Toolkit for Hospitals

Vehicle Idling Action Events – A Toolkit for Businesses

Idling Action Posters and Leaflets for individuals

Idling Action London 2019/20 End of Year Report

Idling Action London 2020/21 End of Year Report

Additional Information

The toolkits for local authorities include not only best practice guidance and resources for delivering Idling Action events, but also includes resources regarding enforcement against idling.

For our #EnginesOff business toolkit including template anti-idling policies, education resources and more, please contact us at info@idlingaction.london

If you are interested in organizing a workshop, guided discussion or other activity alongside you event the 2020 Idling Action Pack has suggestions.

Background on our Toolkits

The business, hospital and schools Action Events toolkits have been prepared to enable these specific audiences to plan, deliver and evaluate the impact of their own idling action events. Action events were pioneered by the City of London Corporation in 2015 and were then rolled out across 11 other local authorities in London in 2016. The best practice guidance and resources in these toolkits are based on the learning from the no idling events held in London so far.