If you were unable to attend one of the training events but would like to come along to a Vehicle Idling Action event then please take the time to watch our recording of the training and completing the short quiz about what you’ve learnt:

Please note this recording was filmed in 2017 – the project is now being delivered in 32 London boroughs. For a schedule of upcoming events, see here. 

In London the ULEZ has superseded the T-charge to create stricter emissions standards for petrol and diesel vehicles, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Those that do not comply have to pay a charge.  

Roadside NO2 has reduced by 36% in the zone and recent analysis estimates reduction in NO2 solely attributable to ULEZ is 29% (Feb 17 – Sept 19).

The ULEZ will be expanding to both the North and South Circular by 2021. 

The Mayor is also working with TfL to ensure London’s public transport fleets lead the way in low emission technology. TfL no longer procure double deck pure diesel buses since 2018 and instead only buy hybrid, electric or hydrogen buses. All new taxis now must be zero emission capable and new private hire vehicles will need to follow suit from 2020. 

Please also note, Project Dirt is now no longer active.