We are calling on fleet operators and businesses operating in London to tackle air pollution caused by idling vehicle engines to protect their employees’ and the publics health.  Sign our #EnginesOff pledge.  For more information about how to sign up and the FREE resources available for businesses, head here
Join us on 1st September, 16:00 – 17:00 for webinar to explore how the Engines Off campaign is supporting businesses and fleet operators to tackle avoidable air pollution caused by vehicle engine idling, thereby protecting the health of outdoor workers and the wider public. Click here for more information and to sign up. 
For schools looking to join the Engine Off Every Stop campaign our schools toolkit now contains the artwork and tips on how to share

About the project

Idling Action London is a London-wide behaviour change campaign which is helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists leaving their engines running when parked.

The project has expanded to 31 local authorities. We are continuing the delivery of idling action events, in which teams of volunteers, local authority officers and project staff work to educate both motorists and pedestrians. We are also delivering school workshops, engaging with businesses, offering vehicle fleet training, and are working with all local authorities to ensure idling regulations are enforced across London.

The project to date

The Idling Action Project has been running since 2016. Now in its fourth phase it is jointly led by the City of London Corporation and the London Borough of Camden. The campaign is funded by the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund.

To download our latest report detailing activities undertaking in 2020 – 2021, head to our toolkits page.


Idling Action event participants


Interactions with pedestrians and drivers


Idling drivers switched off


Children attending anti-idling assemblies and workshops


Businesses and Local Authorities taking the Engines Off pledge


Engine Off Every Stop Ad Campaign Reach

Get Involved

If you are concerned about idling and want to tackle poor air quality in your borough, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps pollution is an issue around your local school or you know a road blighted by idling engines. Please check out our volunteer page for more information about volunteering or get in touch using this form.

We have also created resources and opportunities for businesses operating in London. If your business would like to take action against idling see here for more information.

31 participating London boroughs